Data shows a bright future for cloud gaming

The Data Says It All: Why Cloud Gaming is the Bright Future of Gaming?


In our previous article, we introduced cloud gaming, how it works, and some famous cloud gaming companies. Now we will have a review of the latest statistics and analysis about cloud gaming technology.

The Growing Cloud Gaming Market Size

The statistics show that in 2021 cloud gaming market was more than 1 billion dollars and has grown more than double from the previous year. Although Stadia was shut down in 2022, the rivals are focusing on new features. Xbox cloud gaming takes the lead with more than 10 million players.

There are many reasons for the growth and prosperity of the cloud gaming market. First of all, the COVID-19 pandemic kept all of us at home. Spending more time indoors has also led to the dramatic growth of playing video games. Of course, since not everyone has the necessary facilities to play, the cloud gaming market was greatly welcomed. Users could play their favorite games with different devices only through the Internet. The good thing is that this period introduced cloud gaming to many people and they became cloud gaming users.

The other reason for this flourishing market is the high price of consoles and gaming equipment. Statistics show that the number of gamers who play through smartphones is increasing, and this is also a factor in the growth of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming has made it possible for people to play famous and popular titles even with their low-end PCs and smartphones.

The number of gamers who play through smartphones is increasing, and this is also a factor in the growth of cloud gaming

Cloud Gaming Users’ Statistics

Speaking of smartphones, GlobeNewswire reports that live streaming of mobile games along with the launch of multiplayer games are some reasons for the growing market of mobile games. That’s why some gaming giant companies like Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Take-Two Interactive are investing here.

Newzoo in its latest report shows that by the end of 2022, 31.7 million paying users of cloud gaming services will spend a combined $2.4 billion on cloud gaming services and games streamed through the cloud. There may be some concerns regarding internet connection, but as the report continues, cloud gaming’s SOM will grow from 160.2 million people in 2021 to 220.2 million this year. From now until 2025, the number will be more than double:

Cloud Gaming’s Global Market Opportunity, Newzoo Report

As it is shown in the graph, Asia-Pacific has the highest share of gamers playing through cloud gaming. Which could be an important target for cloud gaming companies.

Cloud Gaming Market Segmentation

The public domain comes as first place after private and hybrid domains of using cloud gaming services. Also, when it comes to services by type, video streaming and that file streaming are most used. The most active companies also, according to the reports are NVIDIA Corporation, Ubitus Inc, and Simplay.

Bright Present, Brighter Future ahead of Cloud Gaming

5G deployment promises good days for the cloud gaming industry. With the deployment of 5G technology, the common problem of lags will be solved. Although cloud gaming technology is new, its acceptance by users and companies shows a bright future ahead. The existing cloud gaming services are expanding and fresh ones are emerging. Cloud gaming is accessible and of course, you can find the latest AAA games there. As Newzoo forecasts the number of paying cloud gamers will reach 86.9 million by the end of 2025. They will spend a combined $8.2 billion on the market. So, if you haven’t tried cloud gaming yet, it is time to say hello to the new gaming era.



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