Rocket League Game Review: Not Ordinary
4 min readJan 15


Rocket League is not a simple car racing game. You are not going to speed through repetitive racing tracks. It is a total wonderland. If you like racing and are also a soccer fan, Rocket League is just for you. A strange but unique combination that will entertain you for hours.

What is it all about?

Psyonix Studio first released Rocket League for Windows and PlayStation 4 in 2015, and its popularity led to its release on other platforms. The main idea may seem strange, but in practice, it is really exciting. A combination of the rally and soccer matches! In fact, Rocket League kills two birds with one stone since it attracted both soccer and rally fans.

One of the attractions of the game is its customization system. What do you think it would look like if you put a hat on your car? Or what color would you like your car to be? It is all in your hands. Of course, unfortunately, there are not many shopping options, and the store may become repetitive soon. It would be better if there were more creativity and diversity here. The graphics and sound are magnificent. The images are well done, the playgrounds are attractive, and the music will increase your excitement during the game. Make sure you try to perform acrobatic movements and make the game cooler with your creativity.

Your skills come first in Rocket League

Rocket League Gameplay

The game is not really difficult, and after you log into your account, the necessary training is provided. You only work with directions and a few keys. One key is for speed, one for throwing the car in the direction you want, and an optional option for jumping. But the lack of complexity does not mean that we are dealing with an easy game. Your skills come first in Rocket League. You must be able to kick the ball, steer your car so it doesn’t skid, and hit the gas at the same time. Speed is the priority here. Rocket League is one of the games that you should experience in multiplayer so that you won’t be able to put down the controller for a moment.

Make sure you try to perform acrobatic movements and make the game cooler with your creativity

Some of the main modes are:

1. Training: This offline mode as it is named, is guidance for amateurs and newcomers to practice fundamental skills. This mode helps you to get to know the gameplay better.

2. Dropshot: in this mode, the objective is not pushing the ball into your opponent’s goal. Instead, you will score goals as you destroy panels on the opposing team’s floor. It is all about destruction. The more destruction you cause, the easier to score a goal.

3. Rumble: If you are looking for a massive battle, this mode is just for you. Many power-ups will boost your combat. With “The Boot” you can kick the opponent’s car, with “Magnetizer” you can attract the ball to yourself, but my favorite is the “Plunger” which helps you grab the ball. I promise you; you will never get bored with all these fun power-ups.

4. Hoops: Rocket league is suitable for basketball fans too. In this mode, goals are replaced with two baskets, and the cars will play basketball with each other.

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Points in Rocket League

To level up, you need to earn points. Based on your skill levels, there are different ways to earn points. The points (without match completion points) range between 100 and 1000 per game. You can win the match, earn the highest score in a match (MVP), hit the ball into the opponent’s goal, etc. When the match is finished, the player of the winning team will get MVP with additional 50 points.

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Remember, do whatever you must do before the game because once you start Rocket League, you won’t put the controller down.

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