Microsoft’s hopes for Activision were dashed!
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After a year of disputes over Activision Blizzard’s acquisition by Microsoft, eventually, the CMA blocked the purchase. Microsoft officials expressed their disapproval of the decision.

The early deals that didn’t work out for Microsoft!

Even though its contract with Activision Blizzard had not yet been signed, Microsoft had previously made agreements with companies like Nvidia and Boosteroid. He did it in the hopes that the deal would be completed shortly. Although with CMA’s recent decision, all hopes were dashed. UK regulators halted Microsoft’s $69 billion contract with Activision after concluding that the purchase would impede competition in the cloud gaming market.

Brad Smith expressed his disapproval of CMA’s Vote!

Microsoft President, Brad Smith, stated that the decision to cancel Activision Blizzard’s acquisition “had shaken confidence in the UK tech industry” and was “probably the darkest day in our four decades in Britain.” He expressed his dissatisfaction with the regulatory organization’s decision by saying this.

On the other hand, the UK prime minister’s spokesperson rejected Microsoft’s claims about the “darkest day” in the last four decades. Despite all of this, Microsoft did not budge an inch. The company still hopes to change CMA’s opinion to finalize its deal with Activision Blizzard without repercussions. However, experts believe that Microsoft will be unable to change the CMA’s decision which means the contract is now dead.

While CMA disagreed with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, it also noted that the Nintendo Switch console could not display high-quality versions of the Call of Duty series.


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