If You Love John Wick, These Games are For You

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John Wick, Jardani Jovonovich, or Baba Yaga; No matter which of these names you hear, they all mean the same thing: Death has come to you. It is also a reminder of the fictional character of the silver screen, who brought up the name of Keanu Reeves again after a long time.

Reeves, who achieved exemplary fame with the release of The Matrix series, later showed that he could single-handedly reinvent the action genre with the release of John Wick in 2014. Now, after the release of 4 titles of this series, we see a considerable fan base eager to experience any title similar to this fantasy world.

We proudly announce that video games offer the closest experience to the breathtaking moments of the John Wick movies. If you’re looking for that feeling like we are, stay tuned with RivalArium as we introduce games perfect for John Wick fans.

These series have an exciting video game adaptation that you must experience.

John Wick Hex

First of all, we introduce the video game adaptation of John Wick. John Wick Hex is told in the same fascinating world as Mr. Wick and the Continental Hotel. Contrary to gamers’ expectations, this game uses an isometric perspective, and the player must have a complete strategy before making any move.

Although the game creators have tried to show the possible strategies and actions spectacular and enjoyable, it is difficult to find a scene in this game that is as exciting as the action sequences of John Wick movies. The strategies above are available in octagonal grids, which you can probably guess from the game’s name.

John Wick Hex is one of those controversial games that we can’t recommend to all Wick movie fans. If you’ve already enjoyed the experience of Hitman GO, and you want to watch this series of movies simultaneously, make sure to watch John Wick Hex.

Hitman games have always been a gift to those who appreciate real action games.

Hitman: World of Assassination

What if we introduce Hitman like this: If you are interested in the dark, mysterious, and untold backstory of John Wick, the Hitman trilogy is what you need to add to your Wishlist. In Hitman games, you take on the role of an elite assassin who tries to find the best way to eliminate his targets and execute them with the utmost delicacy. The main character of these games, Agent 47, is so iconic and respected that we have even seen several movie adaptations from the Hitman world.

To put characterization and story aside, the gameplay of the recent Hitman trilogy is undoubtedly the closest experience to the John Wick films. It is not unlikely that gamers claim that the game industry would have offered a similar experience with this series before Keanu Reeves inspired John Wick cinema.

Different scenarios to complete each stage, other regions worldwide, and the main character’s high abilities to use ordinary objects as weapons make Hitman a great choice to experience before or after watching John Wick movies.

If you ask us, the VR version of SuperHot is enough to recreate the world of John Wick.

Journey to the heart of the action scenes of John Wick: SuperHot

SuperHot is one of the games that proves for the thousandth time that independent titles have kept the spirit of the gaming industry alive. Slow motions are attractive even in the worst movies and sequences. On the other side, the Bullet Time mechanism of the Max Payne series still amazes us.

So, it’s strange why it took years for a developer to ask himself: why not build an entire game around slow-motion scenes? In any case, this question, despite being asked late, received a considerable response. We call this answer SuperHot!

In SuperHot, everything runs in slow motion as long as you don’t move. Bullets pass around you slowly, and you can precisely shoot your enemies. This game allows you to create the action scenes of John Wick movies, Which the fans of this movie series have always wished for.

The martial arts and dangerous nature of John Wick can be seen in the Sifu game.

John Wick as Martial Arts Master: Sifu

So far, we still need to include one element of John Wick’s movies: martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. The legendary character of Keanu Reeves has various skills in this franchise; From accurate shots to exceptional driving, they all show Wick’s genius. However, we must remember that in his world, everything is a weapon, even bare hands!

Sifu also matches the John Wick films in this respect. In Sifu, there are no firearms, and punches replace bullets. In Sifu, all the bones that Keanu Reeves breaks in his action movies will be crushed in your hand in the game. Every launch and every attack by the enemies is an opportunity for you to experience the feeling of being in the role of “Baba Yaga.”

However, remember that the main character of Sifu gets older with each defeat, and you will make mistakes only for a while. If your mistakes are too many, the game will start from the beginning. As a result, it’s always a real challenge in Sifu to learn martial arts in the truest sense of the word.

In video games, we have often faced this question: why should the second part of such a work be forgotten?

Sleeping Dogs

The creators of John Wick have repeatedly invited the audience to see scenes in East Asia. Beautiful lightings are one of the components of this cinema series, which looks better in eastern cities. Sleeping Dogs has more or less the same conditions. Apart from the action gameplay, gripping story, and martial arts, we can watch the same oriental atmosphere.

In other words, it feels like you’re holding pieces of John Wick in your hands while experiencing Sleeping Dogs and examining them from different angles. If we can imagine a combination of Sifu, Hitman, and of course, John Wick himself, there is no doubt that we will end up with Sleeping Dogs.

It is also worth mentioning that few open-world games, such as Sleeping Dogs, can draw such a unique atmosphere on the screen of its users. It’s exceptional how such a distinctive franchise has remained so intact, and we are cautious about introducing similar games. It’s finally time to see more adaptations, or at least inspired works, from such quality sources.




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