How will cloud services change the future?
5 min readApr 27


If we want to find the five most used terms in the world of technology today, cloud services will be one of them. Nowadays, everyone is talking about clouds, and pioneering companies are looking for progress in this field. Cloud technology is the inevitable future, not for tech industries but also our everyday lives. Let’s see how cloud services are changing our future in RivalArium.

Forget limited storage memories; Cloud services are here!

A safe for the world’s endless data

Have you ever thought about how the data of 8 billion people worldwide for various matters, including industries, transportation, health, education, etc., will be stored and processed?

At no point in its long history has Earth hosted such a huge population and, more interestingly, such a vast amount of information. This is the first destination where cloud services show their potential on a large scale. What could be more important than the secrets of your life?

Personal data is part of this information, the economic data of companies form another cut, and finally, we reach the confidential data of governments. Any data, no matter how trivial or the contrary, no matter how sensitive, must be stored in a way that can be accessed at any time. To do this, cloud services have a big mission ahead of them.

Cloud processing comes with the help of cloud services

The future world is the world of information, but data has value and is processed. If we’re going to store vast amounts of data and not process them, we’ll never experience progress.

The path that data takes after registration until processing and interpretation will form the following parts of our article on the benefits of cloud services in the future. The future depends on the benefits that processing power provides the user without needing personal hardware.

The possible actions that can be done by processing and then interpreting the data are so many that we may only be able to predict them once they happen. This is how AI works right now. Facial recognition algorithms, search, cyber security, and thousands of other examples have emerged by interpreting data from our world.

With the spread of cloud services, the boundary between the applications of different devices is disappearing.

Thanks to cloud services, devices become invisible

We mentioned a good example earlier: search engines. Using search engines without realizing it, you use computer networks worth billions of dollars.

The more powerful cloud computing or, in other words, these networks become more and more computer devices around you will become invisible! As you know, the power of cloud services will increase unimaginably shortly. This way, we are moving towards a world where more products will be combined.

Today’s smartphones will accommodate the future we are talking about in these dimensions. According to researchers and thinkers of computer science, it is not so far when we move into a room full of sensors, all of which are based on cloud processing.

You will make more intelligent decisions.

Turning every smartphone into a powerful supercomputer allows you to expand this processing power from everyday tasks to small and big decisions. Every decision can be based on millions of data that have already been collected and interpreted.

Imagine quickly integrating the stock market, business projects, news, user comments, or other related components; Combining these results will provide you with a very accurate forecast. Currently, we need several experts to make such accurate predictions.

Conversely, combining results doesn’t necessarily have to be for financial exploits. An ordinary student can get the best resources and the most accurate results for a personal research project with the least cost and time. We are talking about a gate, the opening of which means the arrival of an era where every ordinary person can change the world.

Equal development of all countries of the world

Developing countries need more resources and infrastructure in IT than developed countries. Even China, the second largest economy in the world, has less IT infrastructure than Europe and America.

If cloud services become widespread in these countries, the lives of people and nations of the third world will change. With its high population, India is another country that still needs to be included in cloud technologies. The increased use of these technologies for the first time in the modern era may allow all countries to develop justice and equality, the elusive human desire, become available.

Everything will be transformed thanks to cloud services, from language learning to economic activities.

Language limitations will be over.

We assume you are familiar with Apple’s Siri, Google’s virtual assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and other virtual voice assistants. Fortunately, these assistants today have an excellent performance in recognizing speech and the meaning of words. You can tell your phone anything which will do it for you. Even now, cloud services form the core of virtual assistants.

But what should we expect to see in the future? Future voice assistants can do more than just set alerts and send emails. One of their future capabilities, which has now become a reality to some extent, is the removal of language restrictions.

For example, some time ago, Google unveiled the concept of smart glasses that can instantly translate the other person’s words into your native language. Nothing is more attractive to people who travel than this feature.

Everyone will become a gamer.

Last on our list is the cloud gaming industry’s insight into the future. The power of cloud processing shows a beautiful horizon that anyone with any financial ability, in any place and any condition, can enjoy the experience of games.

Other aspects necessary to make such a day come true are increasing Internet coverage, reducing delays, and increasing Internet speed to the required indicators. Still, first of all, we will need to improve and upgrade cloud services. A goal is in progress, and we will soon see its achievement.



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