FIFA 22 Review: Be a Star
4 min readJan 29, 2023


Imagine getting on the elevator with Dave Beckham or walking on the streets of Paris with your personalized avatar, and yes, we are talking about a FIFA game. In FIFA 22, you will experience the luxurious life of a soccer player, and of course, play an unforgettable match on the Electronic Arts simulation video game. Let’s review FIFA 22 with all of its ups and downs.

FIFA 22 Updates and Changes

After the critics of FIFA 21, in FIFA 22 we see many improvements, especially in graphics and technics. The moment you start the game, you can feel the changes in gameplay thanks to the HyperMotion technology. The physics of the ball, aerial clashes, passes, shots, and even conflicts in the field are in their best form to give us a real soccer experience. Still, in my opinion, the stadiums and fans need to be more realistic.

Seeing David Beckham in the elevator in FIFA 22 was really funny

The reaction of the goalkeepers has also undergone fundamental changes, and their animations have been completely remade. If you remember the previous versions, the goalkeepers stood inactive and scored easily. In this version, the goalkeepers are placed inside the frame like a monster and are one of your key pieces to winning the game. Of course, this change has made the goalkeepers a bit too strong with incredible reactions. If you remember the corners of the previous version, you know that the goalkeepers would jump in and punch the ball easily, making it almost impossible to score through the corner. In this version, there is no such problem, and the goalkeepers cannot easily block every corner.

The tactical part and the arrangement of the players are always considered one of the most important parts of the FIFA series, which has not changed that much. Only the players’ positions have become more detailed. The artificial intelligence of the players has improved, and they have a much more suitable position for you to pass them the ball.

After the critics of FIFA 21, in FIFA 22 we see many improvements, especially in graphics and technics

FIFA 22 Career Mode

Career Mode’s team-building feature now gives you more control so you can easily compete at different levels. Also, in both the player and coach sections of Career Mode, you will encounter more details and have an incredibly better experience.

Perhaps the best feature of FIFA 22’s Career Mode is its skill tree. Focusing on the elements of the skill points will help you to be more versatile in your team and make you have a better experience in Career Mode. In addition, this feature makes the evolution of players more similar to the real world. Sometimes soccer players are assigned a task that they do not understand and do not know their exact role in the team. As a result, they try to find their position by working harder and gaining experience. FIFA 22 seems to have implemented the same principle.

FIFA 22 Ups and Downs

Volta is somehow one of the attractions of the game. The gameplay is not dull and the movements of the players have also changed a lot.

The style of defending in FIFA 22 has also seen changes and tackling has become much easier. Still, some of the old gameplay problems remain, seems like Electronic Arts has no plans to fix them. Like other versions of this series, FIFA 22 focuses more on attacks. Dribbling and smooth passing are not difficult, which has caused some complaints from pro gamers. If you are a José Mourinho fan, you will love the strategy of Parking the Bus. But adopting such an approach in this game will make it very difficult for you to win or draw. Explosive Sprint is a new and attractive feature that is effective both in offensive and defensive phases.

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FIFA 22 a yay or a nay?

FIFA 22 is an acceptable game overall. HyperMotion technology has greatly improved AI and has made the positioning of the players better, but still is not enough. There is not much change in career mode but those minor changes have made the game satisfactory. Overall, we are so addicted to FIFA, we can’t just ignore FIFA 22. It’s worth a shot.

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