FIFA 21 Review: Same Old Story
4 min readJan 30, 2023


Any time a new FIFA game comes out, we anticipate something new, fixed bugs, and graphic improvements. FIFA 21 has nothing new; the bugs are not fixed, and not much change has been made in the graphics. Still, as an addict to FIFA. We try it, we love it, and we criticize it. Let’s see the changes in FIFA 21, and if they are satisfactory or not.

FIFA 21 What changed?

When FIFA 20 was released, the game changed so much. The defense and dribbling system improved. There were still some bugs, and we all waited for FIFA 21 to solve the old problems. But did it? Nope. The changes are minor, and sometimes you can’t say whether you are playing FIFA 20 or FIFA 21. The core of gameplay and player physics, as well as the ball, have not changed significantly compared to the previous version.

However, Electronic Arts has preferred to focus its changes on the mechanics of the game. For example, if you play the game for a few minutes, you will notice that the animations have improved. This is exactly one of the most important improvements in FIFA 21, which will make you hope for other changes and improvements.

In contrast to the most important change in FIFA 20, which was an interesting evolution in defensive mechanics, in FIFA 21 it is clear that the development team has tried to work on attacking tips and a dribbling system. One of the most important new dribbles is the Agile Dribbling System which helps you to ditch the defender in front of you in a blink of an eye by changing the path of the ball and the player. The AI system has some improvements, but not so eye-catching.

The adorable Kylian Mbappé is the FIFA 21 Cover Star

FIFA 21 Career Mode

Although there are minor gameplay changes, in the career mode, we see significant changes that can make the experience of this section more enjoyable than the previous version. In FIFA 20, interviews and extensive personalization of the manager were added to the game, which were all commendable changes.

These changes apply more to the tournaments. You can watch the game through Simulate Match, and at any moment you want, switch, change tactics and implement any transformation you want in your team. Just like a real coach. The training system and the progress of the players have improved too. Fortunately, in FIFA 21, just like in the real world, you can train all your players at the same time. Of course, young players are trained better, and just like FIFA 20, your conversations with players affect their play. Also, the number of times you let the player in the field will affect his morale too. In FIFA 21, age is not an issue and you can improve your 30-year-old defender to play well.

In FIFA 21, age is not an issue and you can improve your 30-year-old defender to play well


And the old fight between PES and FIFA. The gameplay speed is still low compared to the PES series. Not that this is either good or bad, but you have to consider those goals that you can make in a few seconds are less likely to happen in FIFA. Instead, in FIFA, you usually need to think more and plan longer and more logically to reach the opponent’s goal.

One thing I liked about FIFA 21 compared to PES was that restarts and corners are used a lot. If you send your cross in the right place, chances are high that one of your players can make a goal by any means. But I still have a problem with FIFA’s system of penalties and kicks.

The excitement of the gameplay is high, so you want to experience it with your friends. In FIFA compared to PES, Artificial intelligence helps the losing team to have a comeback. This also makes the results and the number of goals scored by the two teams to be close to each other.

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FIFA 21 a yay or a nay?

FIFA 21 has not changed much from the previous version, but it has fun gameplay that, despite the many bugs, can entertain fans of this franchise more than the previous version. If you are a regular fan of the FIFA series, this version will be the right choice because it has smoother gameplay than the recent versions, and some parts such as the carrier have more changes. But if you have problems with FIFA gameplay, you should know that the game’s physics problems still exist.

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